Graphics by Ellmer Stefan and Johannes Lang
Photography by Christian Melstrøm

All the way back in our very first issue we spoke with typographer Ellmer Stefan about his love for the lowercase letter «a» and making unusual choices. Now he has teamed up with fellow Austrian typographer Johannes Lang for Non-Alphabets — typographic material, an exhibition showing samples of typographic auxiliary from the 19th and early 20th century.

Lang and Stefan share an interest of typographic curiosities which led them to this project, where they dug deep in old specimen books to find illustrative and ornamental material offered by the type foundries to the printers.

«Carefully curated, the showcased material ranges from purely geometric shapes to elaborate depictions of miscellaneous character. By embracing the combinable nature of typography and the embedded potentiality, a visual poetry is revealed that lies beyond semiotic categories and historic periods,» Ellmer Stefan describes to Grafill. 

Check out the exhibition at Grafill R21 in Oslo until March 5th.

TypographyAndris Søndrol