Copenhagen's Frama, and Stockholm based DRY Studios will this spring do an exchange visit. Both studios describes themselves as full-service creative studios — creating everything from furniture to everyday products, to clothing and print. The first installation will open at DRY Studios in Stockholm this week, and an upcoming installation will take place at Frama in Copenhagen in mid March. 

"We like connecting with inspiring people in other countries and their way of living," says Jenny Kästel Tavassoli, co-founder of DRY Studios. "This great opportunity to combine our items with Danish Frama, who shares our beliefs, simply felt like a perfect match.” 

Looking at both studios' portfolio, there is no doubt they speak the same language. DRY says they wants to create strong, successful concepts and design within fashion and lifestyle, whilst Frama focuses on natural materials and simple geometry. Their pieces signals a return to the basics, creating honest and simplified design. 

"With a common approach to creative processes and both being inspired by organic materials, makes this collaboration feel very genuin," says Niels Strøyer Christophersen, Founder of Frama.

The exhibition will be an extensive mix of both studio's latest pieces, including the new folded wall The Space Divider and pedestal Solid Square Log by DRY Studios, and Frama's Studio Kitchen and selected pieces from their Permanent Collection. 

FRAMA visits DRY Studios at Upplandsgatan 36 in Stockholm from February 24. to May 31.
DRY visits FRAMA at Fredericiagade 57 in Copenhagen from mid March to May 31.