36 Days of Type

Header graphic by Hans Jørgen Werner

A fresh and fun archive of type design is just a hashtag away, as the final deadline of this year's 36 Days of Type are closing in. 36 Days of Type is a project inviting designers, illustrators and graphic artists to design a letter or a number each day, resulting in diverse and wildly cool perspectives on the same symbol. 

The project began when Barcelona based graphic designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea challenged themselves to design something new every day, to later post them on social media. But it was Victor Bergante who suggested the idea of involving more people doing the same challenge, and after this, the idea of making the same exercise globally and simultaneously. Today, or at least right now, the #36daysoftype shows a massive amount of 259235 posts. In other words: it's an extensive archive of pure type inspiration. 

Here's a tiny tiny fraction of what you can discover:

Art director and illustrator Hans Jørgen Werner, aka. dirtyhans: 

Motion designer Henrik Reistad:

Art Director and photographer fulltilt73: