Everything is Connected

Photography by Lasse Fløde / Pudder Agency

As one of the most important creative events of the year, Salone del Mobile, takes place in Milan next week, Norwegian craftsmen and designers are returning with a strong follow-up from last years success, Structure. The exhibition, Everything is Connected, presents new projects and works from some of the most exciting craft makers, furniture and interior designers in the field today. 

Through the work of 30 designers, makers and studios, Everything is Connected tells the story of Norwegian craft and design from concept to creation, and explores how geography, education, material resources, networks and social structures all play a significant role in shaping today’s design and products. 

The exhibition marks the fourth Milan collaboration between Norwegian Crafts, Klubben, DOGA Design and Architecture Norway, as well as paint makers Jotun. Award winning designer, interior architect and photographer behind Berlin-based Studio Greiling, Katrin Greiling, was given the honored task to curate the exhibition. 

«I wanted to explore why the Nordic countries has a unique position in design. The 24 selected projects presents some of the leading contributors to contemporary craft and design, and together they reflect the breadth and diversity of the country’s creative field,» says Greiling.

The spatial design, by renowned Kråkvik & D’Orazio, underpins the theme of interconnectivity by using a series of mirrors to explore ideas of reflections and relationshops between objects, its creator and the viewers. 

«Although each object has its own individual identity we would like to emphasize how they are all bound together by using visual commonalities such as color, materiality and idiom,» the duo says. 

Kråkevik & D’Orazio also created Structure in 2016 and Norwegian Presence in 2015, indicating that Everything is Connected will be one of the highlights of Milan 2017. Visit the exhibition at 6 Via Ventura, Ventura Lambrate, Milan April 4. – 9. 2017.

Norwegian Notes by Kaja Dahl
Tjøme by Jonas Stokke
Peak by Kari Mølstad
KANA by Martin Høgh Olsen
Trängd by Moa Håkansson

From the top, left to right:
Queen of Reindeer by Andrea Muribø
Mirror by Andreas Bergsaker
Bror by Noidoi
Bollard by Stine Aas og Cecilia Zhang