Sugar Amnesia

After several successful exhibitions in New York, Bjarne Melgaard has now returned to Oslo and the contemporary art gallery Rod Bianco. Instead of bringing the much talked about baby pigs, he brought dolls. Lots of them, and they are all dressed in miniature versions of his latest clothing collection. Even though this exhibition is a lot less chaotic and overcrowded than we normally experience his art, Melgaard has still managed to decorate the atmosphere with a little discomforting darkness. 

What's most interesting are the contrasts; dolls in piles of dirt wearing t-shirts saying 'I Hate Rihanna', and the interrupted stillness of an empty space decorated with what might come off as friendly and familiar pencil drawings, until you take a step closer and discover the vulnerable undertone, realising that the man who painted them must be a troubled mind.

Where does all the darkness come from? We met up with Melgaard and asked him.

You can visit the exhibition at Rod Bianco until April 22.

ArtVeronica Solheim