Bigger Is Better

Plethora Magazine is an independent, biannual publication founded in Copenhagen which challenges the bounds of the conventional magazine format. Its impressive size of 70 x 50 cm, combined with its curated selection of fine art prints, makes it a rare piece of publication. The pages are simply folded together, with no binding what so ever. In other words: you don’t have to feel sorry when you want to tear out a page or two for your walls. In fact, their latest collaboration proves quite the contrary. 

The Danish publication has recently joined forces with Stockholm based Dry Studios, to develop a line of magnetic hangers — costume made to display the poster-size spread of the magazine, along with other print formats. 

Kept in the trademark minimal aesthetics of both brands, the hangers are characterized by clean lines and natural finish to discretely compliment the tones and hues of specialized off-set print. The hangers, which are available in three different types of wood and sizes, are handcrafted at the Dry Studio workshop and held together by strong neodymium magnets. The result is as functional as it is delicate.

DesignVeronica Solheim