tokyobike X

Photography in courtesy of tokyobike and Kyrre Kristoffersen.

tokyobike has collaborated with three award-winning designers and is releasing their very first Designers Series. Everything Elevated, Joe Doucet, and Nick and Rachel Cope of Calico Wallpaper has created their very own distinct take on tokyobike, reflecting each designer’s approach and aesthetics. 

In an interview with A New Type of Imprint Volume Nine, you could read about how the guys behind Everything Elevated see every project as an opportunity to elevate their collaborators potential to grow through high quality work. They’re unique approach, applicable across industries, uses design as a tool to communicate the essence of ideas, materials and stories for brand differentiation. 

«We’re not attached to any materials or discipline,» they said. «Meaning that when we start a project we look at what we have to work with and how we can elevate it. Be it a product, architecture, a brand, anything.» 

And now they can add a bike to their list of designs. Striking a unique balance between handmade and hypermodern production, the tokyobike x Everything Elevated Single Speed has undergone a unique chemical passivation process that not only protects the metal with an always unique chromated color pattern, but it also gives the bike a true Everything Elevated-signature. 

We couldn't agree more with tokyobike, saying that the ethereal finish, combined with the simplicity of the track inspired components makes this bike suited for a race around the moon.

Nick and Rachel Cope, husband & wife co-founders of Brooklyn based Calico Wallpaper, has translated Calico Wallpaper’s signature Aurora Wallpaper onto the bike. 

Joe Doucet’s tokyobike is an elegant solution for the indecisive cyclist — a bike which is one color when viewed from the right and another when viewed for the left.