A couple of years after Olssøn Barbieri created the brand identity for the Oslo based startup perfume brand Malbrum, they were asked to design a new packaging system for their second trilogy of Eau de Perfume. 

The concept of luxury is changing across several categories and Henrik Olssøn says they are very interested in investigating new languages and codes, and for the design of Malbrum, they dived into the world of apothecary.

"Given the artisanal nature of the brand we found the pharmacy to be an interesting place for research and played on the apothecary language with its references to alchemy, experimentation and blending," Henrik says. "We found inspiration for the construction of the box in an old pharmacy during our holiday in the south of Italy.”

What's your all time favourite perfume design, Henrik? 
Chanel. Their products were iconic when they launched in 1921 and they still are.

PackagingMaja Hyggen