Oslo's First Vouging Ball

Oslo Pride Festival is coming up, and with it Norway’s very first Vouging Ball: Ball Of Norway. If you’re unfamiliar with Vouging, your mind might be tempted to draw associations towards the fashion magazine with the somewhat similar title. Which is not too far fetched, actually. Although Vouging is a dance form, originally originated within the latino-, black-, gay- and transsexual community in the ‘60s and ‘70s, it is closely related to the latter and fashion alike. Functioning as a space where dancers could truly express themselves, free from discrimination and prejudice, Vouging has spread across the world as a safe haven for young adults seeking acceptance for their sexuality and gender preferences through dance.    

In Norway, however, the scene is small, but dedicated. And for the Norwegian scene, this ball—where dancers dress up and compete against each other—is a milestone. Some of Vouging’s biggest names from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Helsinki and Stockholm are coming to participate at the ball, play music, hold workshops and judge the competition. In addition, they’re hosting a panel debate.

Ball Of Norway, Saturday 24 at Sentralen in Oslo.