Lifestyle Becomes Art

Words by Markus Støle
Photography by Tom Greenhill (two first in bw)
Petter Foshaug (first four in gallery)
& Aaron Schwartz (last four in gallery)

In terms of visual expression, fashion and lifestyle, few sports have had such a defining and world spanning subcultural impact as snowboarding. Even though the professional snowboarder treats his career as serious as any top athlete, and as snowboarding has become part of the Olympics, the sport still clings to its devil-may-care kind of cool-guy-in-the-back-of-the-classroom role. Which is not necessarily a consciously created image. But as the sport is first and foremost built on the idea of freedom, style, individuality and creativity, it has always attracted a certain type.

Needless to say, the sport has always been filled with creative people. A fact that becomes beautifully evident in the art exhibition ETHOS. The exhibition is curated by Oslo based designer and illustrator Peter-John de Villiers (you can read more about him Volume Seven) and it's built on a process where seven international snowboarders/artists—who’ve all had significant impact on snowboarding and the sub-culture that surrounds it—have been working together and collaborating one week prior to the exhibition opening. 

Alongside Norwegian artist and snowboard legend Danny Larsen, original artwork by Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Schoph, Scott Lendhardt, Aaron Schwartz and Peter-John de Villiers are exhibited and up for sale.

ETHOS is currently exhibited at Revir Galleri in Oslo, and will run until August. If you find yourself in town, be sure to catch it.

ArtMarkus Støle