Norway x New York

Photography by The White Arrow

Despite whatever cultural differences, and the fact that there’s a somewhat large sea separating us, American design and architecture magazine Sight Unseen have taken notice that Norway and New York are surprisingly similar when it comes to design entrepreneurship and approach.

Based on this assertion, Sight Unseen has for the second year in a row initiated the collaboration project Norway x New York — uniting designers from both sides of the pond in collaborative design projects. Earlier this year they released the initiative’s second edition, and with it an all-new collection of furniture, lighting and accessories. 

Vonnegut/Kraft x Kneip
With a common interest in using materials that had been re-approriated from their original use, Vonnegut/Kraft and Kneip set out to use bricks as the central medium of their project, developing functional shapes of the material based on the effects of weather and erosion. The result is a group of tables and vessels, completely unfamiliar to its original shape, alluding to the naturally occurring forms that inspired them.


Jamie Wolfond x Sigve Knutsen
Sigve and Jamie found common ground in their experimental approach to design and making objects. While both have worked with metal shaping before, their approaches are distinct from one another: Sigve using the force of a hammer punch to create volume, while Jamie’s was more mathematical; using bends and specific perforations. The result is a massive, heavyweight indoor/outdoor steel bench, characterised by it’s strict geometrical shapes, bendy playfulness and a shiny finish.


Visibility x Noidoi
The stool BLUE is a result of Visibility and Noidoi’s shared interest in the idea of mindful living. Setting out to design an object that would inspire a more thoughtful approach to everyday life, the two designers created the stool inspired by a 1940s Swiss prayer knee-rest, and by how it is characterised by its emphasis on mindfulness. To further underline the process of two distinct design studios from two different continents, the stool incorporates two primary materials: American Oak and Norwegian Wool.


Slash Objects x Thomas Jenkins
Offering the user a sense of discovery was a key element when Slash Objects and Thomas Jenkins set out explore the idea of creating an experience within a space. With a shared interest in forms that have an element of interaction and bold structures, the two designers developed a cylinder and a pivoting brass disc, functioning as a way to capture and reflect light within a space.


Moving Mountains x Runa Klock
A shared love for timeless handcraft and flowers are the basis of Moving Mountains and Runa Klock’s series of glass vases. The vases aims to consider oppositional relationships like smooth vs. textured, loose vs. rigid and transparent vs. opaque — ultimately achieved by experimenting with blending glass colours, and creating shapes within shapes.


DesignMarkus Støle