Team Aksnes

Photography by Julie Pike
Words by Marianne Clementine Håheim

The members of the young, creative and successful Team Aksnes work together, travel together, drink wine together and make plans for the future together. One of them is a make-up artist, another a fashion designer and the third a singer. They collaborate with an ease that most creative teams would only dream of. Working in the music industry, as young women in a dog-eat-dog, male dominated world, they find their special bond crucial, as they work hard and consistently to bring out the best in each other. Their secret? They’re sisters, with a capital S.

–We were weirdos as children. Both our parents are creative souls, and we definitely do not come from a staged home. Mum and dad are very open people, not at all uptight or concerned with money.

Fashion designer Viktoria Aksnes tries to explain how it came about that both she and her sisters Miranda and Aurora ended up in creative professions. 

–We have a lot of creative people in the family, adds oldest sister and professional make-up artist Miranda. –Our parents never tried to push us into doing something we didn't want to do. We have had a lot of freedom.

Viktoria, Miranda and Aurora Aksnes are sisters with a capital S. Sitting close together at a small table at Café Opera in Bergen, the conversation flows naturally between the three as they listen attentively to each other and add to each other's sentences. The fact that they all work together comes as no surprise. Singer Aurora rose to fame with her 2016 debut album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend, capturing audiences across the world with her unique voice, lyrics and stage personality. Miranda is her (one and only) make-up artist, while Viktoria has created many of her stage outfits.

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