Unique Objects

In collaboration with Klubben, Designers Saturday Oslo and Blomqvist—some of Norway's most prominent organisations within promoting, selling and showcasing Norwegian design—a new type of design auction (pun intended) is about to see the light of day.

Titled Unika, the auction—which is to be held during the comprehensive, city spanning design exhibition, Designers Saturday Oslo—consists solely of prototypes, sketches and 0-series from both well established and new designers from the period 1945-2017.

We caught up with the project leaders, design duo Falke Svatun and Bjørn van den Berg.

Hi Guys! Tell us about Unika.
The idea came from one of the founders of Klubben, Sverre Uhnger, who’s also a board member of Designers Saturday. A lot of the bigger furniture brands and producers tend to launch and exhibit their products during Designers Saturday, which primarily attracts interior architects and large-scale purchasers. So we were looking for new arenas where designers could show their work. An auction selling unique Norwegian objects haven't been done in Norway before, and people tend to really appreciate prototypes and rare objects. In addition, Blomqvist saw this as a great opportunity to connect with new designers. Hopefully this can be an annual thing.


It’s quite the collaboration, what's that been like?
Everyone has been really committed to the project, and the collective competence is just as excellent as it is varied. Initially we were a little worried that we wouldn’t get good enough objects, or that central figures within the industry wouldn’t believe in the project, but the response has been great, and we received more objects that we could dream of. We even had to turn many down.

The auction consist solely of prototypes, one-offs and sketches. How come?
These are unique objects—from well established and new designers alike—and many haven’t made it into production, either because they are one-offs, tests or simply too experimental. This gives the object an added value because they tell a story and displays the designer's process, which ultimately has created a collector's market. Buyers have a chance to discover something new and unique at a fair price.

The auction is to be held at Blomqvist web sites, and lasts from September 1st to September 10th. The objects will also be exhibited at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts from September 9th to September 10th. 

DesignMarkus Støle