The Krane

For years, the Copenhagen waterfronts has gone through some serious urban development: An old silo turned into an apartment building, The Opera House, The Royal Library, The Royal Theatre, restaurants and galleries are just some of the elements that has transformed the harbour from a typical industrial area, to an urban cultural delight. Now, architecture firm Arcgency compliments the waterfront with a new intriguing transformation: an old coal crane turned into a luxury two-person retreat.

Located on the Nordhaven waterfront, one of the last Copenhagen harbours under renovation, The Krane consist of a private retreat, a meeting room and a spa — all coated in a black colour scheme as a concept to reflect its dark past as a coal crane. The interior are of built-in furniture and custom made pieces in leather, wood, stone and steel.    

Described by its creators as an immersive, multi-sensory experience, The Krane is designed to bathe the user in natural daylight while giving an experience of closeness to the water, all complimented with a panoramic view of the Danish capitol.

ArchitectureMarkus Støle