Welcome Back

Words by Veronica Mike Solheim
Photography grabbed from Instagram

«So, how does this thing work, again?» <— exact words heard at the office this morning. Isn’t it funny how creatives often find it hard to take time of — we tend to work through the weekends, and need at least four days to truly disconnect from schedules, routines, emails and unleash ourselves from our workaholic selves. But at the same time, when we’ve managed to find some peace and quite, there is nothing harder than getting back into it, when we eventually crawl back to the office after a long, warm summer holiday.

But, you know, work is like riding the bicycle. We simply have to take one task and one day at the time, and eventually the ball will start rolling again. Personally, I always start the season with a brand new notebook, a kick-ass playlist and at least one new project. After all, it’s ambitions and the urge to create that keeps us going. So my tip is: If you have an idea lurking in your mind that you haven’t explored yet — now is the time! And here are a few tips from other creatives on how to get back on the horse:

Esra Røise, Illustrator
I always bring my sketchbook on vacation and try do drodle a bit now and then. It hasn’t been  much this year, as I’ve been in New York and spent all my waking hours eating tacos / reading books / walking a mile a day. Even though it’s my job, drawing is also my hobby, and I like to have the opportunity to sketch a little to make sure I don’t loose my game completely.

Fredrik Öst, Founder & Creative Director at SNASK
Sit down and tell all your colleagues your top one weirdest vacation story. Don't talk about something boring. Then get a big cup of coffee and start dealing with your inbox. The faster you get to zero unread emails, the better for your poor heart the following weeks. But don't forget that work isn't everything.

Ditte Kristensen, Project Manager at Oslo Runway
Start slow, with a quiet cup of coffee, a delicious breakfast and some good music. Don’t stress it. Go to morning coffee dates with friends, talk about work and the plans for the week. I know it’s a bit cheesy, but meditation is really helpful too. I started a month ago and it really does wonders.

Fredrik Risvik, Instafamous
I’m kind of always at work, but I get really inspired by traveling and my work flow is pretty good at airports/airplanes, as long as there’s nothing to distract me and no wifi connection. My tips to kickstart a new season is 

  • Make a ‘to do list’ and check it of as you go. This way you can actually see your productivity and get back to your routines. 
  • Try to put your phone away in between your tasks, as it’s clearly a distraction.
  • Start your day with a clean desk, light a candle, make some coffee, put on some music.