Gurken Gurken Gurken Gurken

Words by Markus Støle

Perhaps it results in a more frequent *bing* on the cash register, or is some sort of a countermovement within the industry. Maybe it’s just a trend — a slice of brand-name life. Who knows? Either way, the obscurity that appears to flourish amongst brand names within the highly regarded section of the bar and restaurant industry in Oslo these days, adds a fun and carefree notion to an industry traditionally associated with fairly high price tags and thick white table cloths.

Yes, it's inevitably liberating when a red wine suddenly can be titled Pretensiøs kunstkjerring (pretentious art bitch), when one of Norway’s most respected restaurants can sail under the name Pjoltergeist, and when one of Oslo’s hippest bars, located in an old shoe store, call them selves The Old Shoe Store.

The guys behind the acclaimed wine bar/restaurant, Bar Brutus, have just contributed to this nightlife jungle constellation with a pink bar called Gurken Gurken Gurken Gurken. What's deal?

Hi Guys! What’s the deal with Gurken Gurken Gurken Gurken? How did you choose the name? What’s the criteria?
To us, Gurken Gurken Gurken Gurken sounds like a place we would dig to go to for beers and chicken wings; like a sense room, but for adults. The only criteria beyond that is that Gurken is written four times, not three, which would be more practical. According to the internet, Gurken means both pickle and penis.

Tell me about the interior and concept. Is it based on a strategy or pure impulse?
See answers above. Can also add that impulse is central to all our work.

The Oslo nightlife is flourishing these days. How will you stay relevant/attractive?If pink bars are relevant, we would say that we are both relevant and attractive. The goal was to create a bar we would dig.

Find Gurken Gurken Gurken Gurken at Eiriks gate 2c in Oslo, Norway.