Stills From a Lifetime

Arthaus, the Oslo based organization founded to promote, screen and convey knowledge on films with a particular artistic quality, celebrated their 25th anniversary with an exclusive magazine. On 64 pages, the magazine contains stills from some of the 400-500 films they have distributed, script and director quotes, as well as words by Arthaus’ CEO, Sven B. Jensen, and author Geir Gulliksen.

Designed by Egil Haraldsen and Ellen Lindeberg from Exil Design—Arthaus’ poster designers since 1992—the magazine carry the same distinct visual identity that has become typical to the Arthaus posters. The magazine is printed in only 600 copies, and are by Arthaus described as a visual pleasure for Arthaus fans, and for film and design enthusiasts in general.

Publishing, FilmMarkus Støle