Aesthetic Fusion

Arts & crafts and fashion... Two completely different things, or two approaches cut from the same cloth? Either way, at first glance at this lifestyle brand’s collections of everything from plates to pillowcases, textiles, sandals and cups, a connection of the two—call them disciplines—is the first thing that comes to mind. Jam those two into an entity, sprinkle it with a good dash of north African aesthetics, put a Belgian fashion designer at the helms, place the whole operation in Marrakech, and you got yourself a really interesting thing going on, called LRNCE.

Created by Belgian designer—and self proclaimed sun chaser—Laurence Leenaert in 2013, LRNCE focuses on interior decoration and accessories, and is Leenaert’s contemporary take on traditional Moroccan handcrafts. The vast range of products are often characterized by rough textures, organic shapes and bold prints—a visual and tactile feast for anyone who appreciates the handmade.

ArtMarkus Støle