Photography by Lesha Yanchenkov

Stimulate your pink self with this minimalistic 100-square-feet secret shop: Blushhh!

The project, designed by Katya Zuieva and Arten Vahrin, aka AKZ Architectura, is located in Kiev and is an «example of a bright concept put at the heart of a minimalist interior». Ultimately, like it's name, it serves as a fresh and surprisingly spacious contribution to the land of retail design. 

«To land the main focus on retail,» Artem says «we designed a perimeter-wise path starting with the entrance on its right-hand side and aided by rails and steps with the assortment on them.»

To further contribute to the welcoming sensation of spatialness, the overall brightness is underlined with foil-covered walls, mirrored surfaces, profiled gloss-white panels, and even velvet curtains in the dressing rooms. Sassy.  

RetailMarkus Støle