Nude Linen

Ever since illustrator and visual enthusiast, Helene Egeland, left her job in an ad-agency to start her own studio in 2015, her portfolio has shown an impressively steady flow of illustrative artwork characterised by a keen eye for staggering details and bold brushes. Her work spans from gallery-friendly art to interiors and commercial commissions. According to the artist herself, she seeks the intriguing balance and interaction between details and simplicity — an approach beautifully mirrored in one of her most recent projects; Nude Linen.

Hi Helene! Please describe the project
«Nude linen» is a series of hand-painted wall tapestries exploring balance and interaction between honest materials and simple aesthetics. The pieces are made to order and painted on natural linen. 

Tell us about your choice of expression, it’s quite different from what we've seen from you before, both in terms on style and material.
I wanted to create something clean and beautiful with few, but carefully selected lines. The project has a different approach than my previous work which has a strong level of detail. The vision, however, remains the same; find beauty in balance and give simplicity character. 

All in all, it’s a result of love for good materials as well as my restlessness. I felt a need to create something organic and hands-on alongside countless of hours at the drawing table with other art prints.



IllustrationMarkus Støle