Bogdan Anghel's Tactile Photography

Fine-art photographer based in Bucharest @bogdananghel
Published in Volume Thirteen

When you’ve developed a predilection for the aesthetics of modernist architecture, a camera with a 35mm film might be the best tool to express your affection—at least, it seems to be the case for Art Director and Photographer, Bogdan Anghel. According to the photographer himself, that predilection can be seen as a direct consequence of living in Bucharest, Romania—a city rich in the much disputed style.

I’m very much in love with the aesthetics of modernist architecture.

“I'm very much in love with the aesthetics of modernist architecture, with its "perfect" geometry, with its perfect lines, with that feeling of purity in its form. Although this architecture style has had its peak in the 30s–40s, it's still very contemporary and very much aligned with our current needs. I appreciate how visionary those architects were. I would go as far as saying that certain modernist buildings are timeless.”

What Bogdan is looking for when he’s out with his camera, is really much dependent on how he feels at that particular moment when he’s looking at a certain building. It’s about the angle from where he’s standing, how the light falls on the building, how the sky or the background influences the scene, how strong or mild the shadows are. All of these are very important variables in his photography. And, oh, so is his 35mm.

“I don’t like how digital photography sometimes adds that level of slickness to photos, almost transforming the buildings into 3D renderings. Every building, in a certain moment in time, has something to express, and I want to be there to capture it and translate it to the viewer in my own way. Film really helps me do that.”