Envy the Birds

Together with his three-year-old son as a co-pilot, Colombian art director Camilo Monzon sent a drone up over the city of Bogotá to photograph its buildings and infrastructure. The results are quite otherworldly.

The idea came from a gaze. More specifically from looking down from the terrace of the ten-story building in which he lives. Needless to say, from a zenith perspective, a city takes on a completely different shape, and Colombia’s capital prove to display one with a vast array of fine-tuned lines, gorgeous symmetry and incredible detail. Some of them almost mechanical in its shape, other more organic. In common they all share structural qualities of such precision it's easy (or entertaining) to imagine them being created from a zenith perspective by something otherworldly. But then again, humans are pretty good at building stuff.

Camilo explained that besides a little colour adjustments in photoshop, the location and composition of the photography was the most important aspects of the project. One can only envy the birds. 

ArchitectureMarkus Støle