Ici, là et partout

Influenced by Japanese psychedelic art in the 60-70’s, Sawako Kabuki create works that sublimate the strong emotions she has experienced, often affected by her past memories. But for her latest animation Ici, là et partout she focuses on this one emotion that marks the universality of the human interaction; love.

“In my other works, there are many illustrations based on my own love stories, but for this work I drew the concept and atmosphere of just love, using ceaseless metamorphosis technique,” the artist says.

Sawako thinks one of the biggest expressions and emotions of love is jealousy. 

“I think love is a wonderful thing that colours our lives, but love isn’t always visible and sometimes it is vague and ephemeral. I tried to express the vanity of such heartbreaking love.”

The Japanese artist always manage to transmit a lot of emotions in her drawings. Ici, là et partout is the the visual version of that invisible feeling of love — and the state of being carried away by it.

IllustrationVeronica Solheim