In Between Transitions

It used to be a home. Then it served as the Mexican embassy. Recently, during Stockholm Design Week 2018, the old building (dating back to 1896) served as a showroom for new Japanese furniture producer, Ariake.

The building has seen better days. Which is probably why it’s currently being transformed back into a home—you can easily spot the ongoing renovation work. Meanwhile, inbetween that transition, its crumbling and rustic charm gave Ariake’s inaugural collection a quite exclusive backdrop.

The collection is a result from a week-long workshop that took place in Morodomi, Japan in the fall of 2017, and consists of designs by Andersen & Voll from Norway, Staffan Holm from Sweden, Keiji Ashizawa and Shin Azumi from Japan, Anner Perrin from Switzerland, Zoe Mowat from Canada and Norm Architects from Denmark — all organised by Singapore-based designer Gabriel Tan.

In addition, it featured products by Swedish lighting manufacturer, Wästberg, as well as pieces by numerous Scandinavian designers and galleries. The exhibition was curated by My Residence with set design by Annaleena Interiors.