Fashion, Food and Wine

Pudder Agency already represents some of Norway’s finest photographers and stylists, from Lasse Fløde and Julie Pike, to Sunniva Hartgen and Kråkvik & D’Orazio, and last week they added two more fantastic names to their list.


“With her intimate and raw style, Janne Rugland has quickly become one of the most interesting and sought after fashion photographers at the moment,” says Gry Juvodden, photography agent at Pudder Agency. 

Tommy Andresen is a photographer who’s passionately interested in food and wine and among other things he took the photographs for chef Even Ramsvik’s “New Norwegian Food”, the recent winner of Cookbook of the Year

“He’s an exciting photographer that we are convinced we’ll see a lot of in the future,” Juvodden says.

Adding to their already diverse stable of photographers, Pudder now offers something for every need… and taste. Pun intended.

PhotographyAndris Søndrol