Inevitable Tragedies

Through a zine-series of beautifully dark tales, French illustrator Hector De La Vallée embarks on a visual journey where all outcomes ends with a tragedy.

The series, which is to consist of five ten-page-long risograph printed issues published and edited by Editions FP&CF, displays a dark, detailed and crooked world were words like apathy, death and boredom are the first that comes to mind upon consuming the world of Hector’s playful black and whites'.

The first issue, titled Porte clés, tells the story of what Hector calls 'a boring family'. The second one, which is to be published this April, is titled Bungalow and tells the story of a highly profitable company manufacturing monster costumes—essentially a tale exploring the consequences of multi-billion-dollar driven greed. Usually not a good thing. 

«Each tale is connected with the other by an object or a character,» Hector explains, «for example, in Porte clés you can find a monster costume, and Bungalow tells the story of the family running that very company. All these families have a tragic destiny.»

In addition to the seemingly always-night-time aesthetic, Bungalow is characterised by its children's book like approach, where each page shows a single illustration accompanied by a single sentence—a concept that ultimately underlines the zine’s eerie atmosphere. 

The three final issues are scheduled for publishing during 2018.

IllustrationMarkus Støle