And So It Begins

In the fall of 2017, Oslo based lighting studio, Northern Lighting, announced they had starting transitioning into more than just a lighting design studio—they cut the word Lighting from their name, became Northern, and started to make—or rather extend—room in their catalog for furniture, accessories and interior designs as well.

Back then, Northern promised a holistic range of furniture, interior and lighting designs—established to bridge the gap between statement-making products and practical, multifunctional designs, and the unmistakable tingle of anticipation emerged.

As an editorial staff, we know how to appreciate a good promotional package, and the other day Northern kicked it up the famous notch. Not that a high-quality tote bag accompanied by a custom made box with a magnetised lid neatly packed with an intriguing magazine and a variety of quality material samples suddenly showing up at our desk automatically triggers a writing itch, but when its contents instantly triggers a case of serious design-drool, it really cannot be ignored.

In other words: Northern have recently launched their debut collection, and they did not disappoint. Check it out, bubba, it’s good for you.