Poetry Shots

Instagram poet Alexander Fallo expands his territory with a poetry podcast called Diktshots. While we all pretend not to grinningly notice what that title looks like in English, we’ll quickly explain that the Norwegian translation is «Poetry shots»—a title which is described to reflect the essence, or effect, of the pod: Like a shot of alcohol; a little sting with instant effect.

In each episode—which is roughly half an hour long—the podcast hosts two writers where they, in a casual and over-a-cup-of-coffee manner, discuss and interpret poetry, do readings and explore the endless possibilities of the written word. Fallo himself describes the pod as a sort of an easy going pop-cultural poetry podcast—a result from his inclination to «talk to people who do interesting stuff.»

«This has nothing to do with my own writing, which is nice. I feel like this is my way to showcase poetry and highlight poets I like. Here they are the stars. They are the ones who get likes.»

Tell us about your guests, who are they?
The guests are people who I think are good at what they do and deserve to be read and heard. Beforehand I had this feeling that a lot of them, regardless of the form in which they write, would find a common ground, which turned out to be true. For example, Linni [Rap artist] and Fredrik Høyer [slam poet and novelist]…somewhere along the way something sort of melted together. That goes for several of the guests, actually.

In the feature of you in A New Type of Imprint vol 12 you said that you'd never been part of a writer's community. Is this your way in?
This is just me doing what I do, regardless of any community. I do the podcast in a quirky and easy-going way, asking stupid questions, forgetting what I'm about to say. I think the guests can appreciate that, maybe the listeners as well.

Tell us about the titlein what way does the podcast have the effect of a shot of alcohol?
That might be me just acting cool, but I do believe it to be true. The podcast will be fast, instant, and for everyone to enjoy.

Diktshots is published by Storytel.no



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