The Creative Process Is Monstrous

Gullblyanten(The Golden Pencil)—the Norwegian ad-grammy by and for the ad industry—recently went down in Oslo, and with it a brand new grimy looking visual profile.

The animated profile depicts a monstrous yet playful universe which in addition to function as introductions to the whole spectacle as well as the 19 different awards categories, tell stories of the different obstacles one tends to face in the creative process—from idea to final product.

The idea was developed by ad agency SMFB, and realised in collaboration with animation studio Animasjonsdepartementet (ADP) and sound agency, Verdens Sterkste Mann.

"It’s easier to be destructive than creative», the creative team from SMFB recently stated to Kreativt Forum, «The ideas that reaches all the way to the podium this March have been through a lot, they should’ve died long ago, really, but at Gullblyanten 2017 it’s those very ideas that survives everything that we honour. They deserve all our respect and reverence.»

To our non-Norwegian readers; the voicing are unfortunately in Norwegian, but the hand drawn and frame-by-frame animations are still hella awesome. Check it out.

AnimationMarkus Støle