Global Illumination

3D Artwork by Alexis Christodoulou

We came across Alexis Christodoulou on Sight Unseen yesterday. Not only is his work crazy beautiful, but his story is quite inspiring too. Five years ago Alexis found himself in a situation unfortunately quite familiar for many people — he was working as a copywriter at an ad agency and hated it. As he was looking for a creative release, he was introduced by a friend to the 3D-modelling program SketchUp, and everything changed. Today his Tumblr and Instagram is filled with intriguing worlds where surfaces, light and shapes create spaces we could only dream of visiting. 

“The scenes I make are all inspired by my idea of where I would like to retire for an afternoon,” Christodoulou says in the interview with Sight Unseen. “It’s very escapist. I fill the pools right up to the top and mostly use harsh sunlight. I like to blow things out a little. I’m not particularly attached to pastels; it’s just the result of desaturating everything in post. I like to work intuitively, starting with something simple and then adding to it until it makes sense — or until it doesn’t.”