Synthetic Geometry

All images courtesy of VI, VII Oslo.
Photographer: Christian Tunge

New York based artist Eva Lewitt is currently showing her work at the VI, VII Gallery in Oslo, and it’s her first exhibition in the Norwegian capital.

In addition to being unique in context of the latter, the exhibition is a site-specific installation, which is the case of all of Eva’s large scale works. It consist of 13 works made of plastic, foam and latex, and they all connect to form a full room installation.

The exhibition is curated by gallerist Esperanza Rosales and is a continuation of the artist’s research on soft and synthetic materials applied to sculpture. The pieces are characterised by their soft and geometric shapes and colourful expression, almost reminiscent of a sculptural, spaced-out waterfall, ultimately applying a warm and inviting contrast to the coldness of the concrete and marble of the gallery.

To give the structureless materials of plastic and latex structure, Lewitt inserted hand-dyed and hand-casted polyurethane foam, which gives form and body to the work.

The exhibition runs until April 9.

ArtMarkus Støle