Save Our Species

Back in the late 1920s', when he was still an active tennis player—and eventually became a world champion—René Lacoste was given the nickname the crocodile. A few years later, when the inventive athlete were to create his own clothing brand, his nickname quickly manifested itself as the brand’s symbol, and the crocodile has iconically adorned countless Lacoste polo shirts ever since.

Recently, however, the croc has gained new friends.

In collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Lacoste has created a campaign to help ensure the long-term survival of threatened species, their habitat and the people who depend on them. 

Under the initiative Save Our Species, Lacoste has created 10 limited edition shirts, where the crocodile leaves its historic spots to those animals. The number produced in each series corresponds to the remaining population sizes in the wild as estimated by IUCN. Ultimately, by buying one, you participate in helping the IUCN and Lacoste in the fight for wildlife conservation worldwide.

FashionMarkus Støle