Happy Women's Day!

Before we clock out, leave our desks and properly indulge, let's all enrich our office hours by revisiting some awesomely inspiring women from the web archive. 

Esra Røise 
With an interest in home tattooing, bad embroidery and hardcore music, one might think Esra Røise’s pieces would amount to a dark and depressing story. On the contrary, the artist uses her fascination for women in her creation of feminine and playful art, portraying the idea of being young and free.


Victora, Miranda and Aurora Aksnes
The members of the young, creative and successful Team Aksnes work together, travel together, drink wine together and make plans for the future together. One of them is a make-up artist, another a fashion designer and the third a singer. They collaborate with an ease that most creative teams would only dream of.


Camilla Løw
In a world where more seems to be, well, more, a Norwegian voice is cutting away the extra and turning to the essential. Welcome to Camilla Løw and her world. A place of shapes, colors and materials connecting ‘80s Bronx music with a contemporary art setting, Scottish influence and a rising Oslo scene.


Anita Hireklar
Fashion designer Anita Hirlekar got chosen as Ones To Watch emerging designer already after showing her very first collection, AW14. After that, she has received several awards and nominations for her unique designs and fabrics. Anita thinks her Icelandic roots—and the fact that craft is a huge part of the country’s history—has affected her approach to handcraft, and it’s something she wants to preserve and continue.


Marina Abramović
45 years after her very first performance, Marina Abramović is known as the grandmother of performance art. We met her for the opening The Cleaner, her retrospective at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo late last year. Abramović takes us back to the very beginning — to the moment she transformed from being a little, afraid Marina, into the fearless artist she is today. 


Anne Sophie Lorange
Anne Sophie Lorange's creations are bold studies of emptiness, silence, and the in-between. Her drawings, paintings and installations defend the unconscious and the undefined, playfully challenging conventions through existential meanderings. Swearing by a philosophy of openness, she turns to visual language to communicate what words cannot.


Anja Niemi
In her latest work, photo artist Anja Niemi explores a life lived under the constraints of conformity, and the longing for a life one can never have.


Marie Sofie Istad Nesset
Growing up she never wanted to work creatively. Today, she spends her day-to-day life using her eye for details, creating both costumes and bouquets. With no education in her field, Marie Sofie Istad Nesset enters new creative jobs with the words—if I don’t know how to do it, I’ll learn it—in mind.

Markus Støle