Read Between the Lines

South Korean illustrator Jee-ook Choi latest efforts are a variety of surrealistic, simplistic and boldly shaped story triggers. With her snap-shot oriented illustrations, where the spaces are vast and details are subtle, she seeks to convey a certain feeling of poetry. 

Hi Jee-ook! How did you end up in the world of illustration?
I majored in fine arts, and have worked with video installations and performances. Now I am a freelance illustrator. 

How would you describe your own work?
I like art with complex emotions, I like to draw a little surrealistic and I prefer metaphorical representation. I want the dry style of my work to convey a poetry-like feeling, and I think the gap between my illustrations possess as much stories as the actual work itself. 

You have stated that you started to draw because you wanted your work to be more casual. What do you mean by casual, and why did you want it that way?
I wanted to be able to produce results faster and without being bound by self-censorship. When I worked with fine-art, I was overly pondering and self-inspecting, which I found tiring and difficult. To me illustration was a more honest and immediate medium for self expression.