A Google Debut

Wallhanging photos by Mariëlle Leenders, sensory/lifestyle photos by Thomas Straub - Courtesy Studio Edelkoort.

Google debuts at Salone del Mobile with an exhibition titled «Softwear»—an installation that is said to bring life to the sensorial experience of hardware as envisioned by Ivy Ross, Vice President of Hardware Design at Google.

The exhibition is curated by Dutch trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, and made in collaboration with renowned furniture and object designer Kiki van Eijk.

Essentially, the exhibition is a result from Edelkoort’s 1998 forecast on a lifestyle trend she named Software. Described as «a lifestyle trend that would blend with technology and enable a completely new way of being, where they were so harmonised that they became interwoven into the everyday. The fusion of the two creates a cozy form of nesting that equates well-being with working from home.»

Quite accurate, right?

Google thought so, and now, twenty years later, the forecast has manifested itself as an exhibition that explores the seamless integration of Google’s hardware products within the contemporary socio-cultural landscape. 

The exhibition is divided into three parts, each situated in their own room in a ground floor apartment at Rossana Orlandi’s Milan gallery. The first shows a new lifestyle audiovisual and exhibition catalogue produced by Edelkoort and her team. The second displays six unique wall hangings by Kiki Van Ejk. The wall hangings are woven and are based on collages of hand-cut textiles from Google’s human centred products. The third room exhibits elements from an actual domestic interior which illustrates Google’s fusion of technology and lifestyle.