A Man Made Island

Aerial photographs by Airflix, detail photographs by Kristian Emdal

A floating island recently popped up in the southern part of Copenhagen harbour. It’s made out of wood, it’s 25 square metres large, or small, and has a six metre tall linden tree standing in the middle of it. Quite extraordinary, for a man made island.

The island is titled Ø1, after the single letter danish word for island, and was created in collaboration with architect Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg from Copenhagen based design and production studio Fokstrot—a multi disciplinary studio consisting of vast array of creatives and craftsmen. 

Ø1 is the first step in the «Copenhagen islands» project which will consist of a collection of islands with different functions. A floating sauna, floating gardens, floating mussel farms and a floating diving platform are all scheduled for construction.

«The islands could be brought together in the wider parts of the harbour for events and festivals, or moved to catalyse activity in newly developed or underused locations», the team suggests in a press release.

By using traditional wooden boat building techniques, the island was built by hand in the boatbuilding yards in the south harbour of Copenhagen. After setting its sails of leafs, the island was opened to the public and has been used for bbq’ing, stargazing, winter bathing and it has even hosted some small events.