It Is Not a Logo, It Is a Stystem

The creative process is a term loaded with associations, abstractness and a good pinch of romanticised imagery. If you have ever dipped your toe into the graphic design industry, chances are you’re familiar with just how methodical and conceptual brand design tends to be approached.

Doha, Qatar based graphic designer Kareem Magdi, recently shared insight into the more systematic aspects of his practice: A grid system that might draw associations towards a more technical and blue-print like drawing technique; ultimately showing the refined structure behind the shapes of his designs.

Hi Kareem, please tell us about your process and how you apply the grid system?
The logo process is the same in all of my designs. After I read the brief from the client, I create a mood board with a fair amount of images just to get me into the mood, try to get as many details as possible and know more about the subject. Then I do lots and lots of sketches, and each time I try to simplify the shape using fewer curves and lines, without losing the identity. The grid system is applied in the last stage of the logo design process. 

While sketching I always think of geometric shapes so that when I apply the grid, the mark looks solid and smooth. No matter how perfect the initial sketch curves are, finalising the mark with a couple of lines, circles, ovals as guides, makes the logo more balanced and timeless.