Gaming Illustrated

Less is more is hardly a rare mantra in the creative industry—a rule of thumb that one way or the other tends to surface in numerous disciplines. The world of video games, however, has a history of practising the opposite. As technology has evolved, so has the graphics, the details, the colour schemes and the renderings, each one more excessive than the last.

Recently, Amsterdam based illustrator Timo Kuilder completely killed that notion. In collaboration with his brother, creative developer Jurre Kuilder, they’ve released the mobile game Kontrast—an embracement of simplicity consisting of Kuilder’s simple, presise, playful and surreal illustrations.

As a puzzle game, Kontrast offers the player the possibility to explore and investigate seven illustrations. The goal is to help a given shape to find its way home, and the player is encouraged to be curious and creative by moving shapes until they’ve made their way through a maze of Kuilder’s distinct black and white drawings in a 2D perspective.

The game was made as side project, hammered out between the lines of a client list that reads New York Times, Monocle, Adobe, Facebook, Twitter, WeTransfer and Bloomberg—a spare time creation for our own spare time video gaming endeavors.