Eat, work, love, design

Photography by Aure Studio

Ever wondered how it would be to run a design studio with your better half, a family member or your best friend? We all know it could be a recipe for disaster, but what if it works?

Johanne Aurebekk Andersen is one of the co-founders of Aure Studio—a constellation of two siblings, one couple and a best friend. It's an everyday where there's no line between work life and home life, and they're actually making it work. In fact, Aure Studio is about to launch their second collection — a clothing line built on collaboration and a shared passion for design.

First of all — congratulations on the new design! It looks delicious! 

Thank you! Delicious is the right word, as the green colour has been created naturally with onion, tulasi and karisalaankanni herbs. You could almost eat it.

Johanne, co-founder of Aure Studio. The picture is a still from Bjarke Underbjerg's film for FRAMA.

Johanne, co-founder of Aure Studio. The picture is a still from Bjarke Underbjerg's film for FRAMA.

Aure Studio isn’t just another design studio. How did two siblings and one couple end up starting a business together?

That is a good question, and hard to explain, as it all happened very naturally. Ever since me and my brother Filip were kids, we have been dreaming of having a brand of our own. I remember being 9 years old and Filip 12, and he was forcing me to help him move furniture around as he was restyling our mother's house. We’ve always been a great team. In 2011 we moved into an apartment in Oslo together with my boyfriend Fredrik, and one year later, Sjur came into the picture and very quickly became everyone's best friend and the perfect fourth member in our little collective. The four of us started to play with the idea of creating a studio together, but it wasn’t until we all moved to Copenhagen the idea came to life. Copenhagen became the perfect base for us to start up Aure Studio, surrounded by people willing to help, inspiring ways of living, and beautiful surroundings.

Please tell me about this constellation — who’s in charge of what and how do you usually go about a new project or design?

Sjur is mainly responsible for the garments as he is an educated fashion designer and extremely talented, while me, Filip and Fredrik collaborates on the other parts. We all have a big passion for photography, and find it very interesting how objects communicate with spaces, and how we sometimes see and feel this completely differently. We spend a lot of time on styling and moving things around in our studio and at home, and this is often how new projects or designs come to mind. When someone feels like something is missing, we start to think. The Dindi Green editions came to life when we were prepping for a photoshoot for Aure Garments, and Sjur said “we really need some colour now," and the rest of us couldn’t agree more.

Making compromise with your creative partner can be hard and I’m guessing even more of a challenge with your own brother and boyfriend? How do you make room for all the thoughts and tastes in design?

You'd think it would be difficult but I think I have a really special relationship with both Filip and Fredrik. I can’t imagine not working with them. They inspire me every day and we have so much fun together. But me and Filip are siblings after all, so we do fight and disagree sometimes, but it’s very rare. When that happens we don’t speak for an hour and then we both apologise. But we have such similar minds and style, and we'd rather laugh over showing up in the same outfit, than fight about who gets to wear it. Working together with my boyfriend, Fredrik, is also a complete dream. Combining work life and home life is a very natural way of living for us, and having a partner who shares the same interests and is committed to moving in the same direction couldn’t be more inspiring. And when you work together every day, each success is shared. We’re working towards the same goals and reaching them is a combined effort.

Filip, Sjur, Fredrik and Johanne. Photography by Joakim Heltne.

Do you think your close connection is reflected in the design?

I think our designs are familiar yet different, and also quite easy to connect to, and I guess that somehow reflects our relationships and us as people.

So — tell me about Aure Studio. What’s the universe and how did you get there? 

Our studio and universe is a place for all of us to explore and test new fields. Our work spans art, object, set design and fashion design. It’s important for us that our designs are well thought through, and within our own collection we believe it is visible in both design and fabric. We spend a lot of time on these decisions, and only want to release long-lasting designs that hopefully go beyond what is considered a trend. Aure is also a place for us to collaborate with people we truly want to work with. We are not limited by any boundaries, so it’s hard to categorise Aure as a brand. Right now we can be whatever we decide to be from one day to the next. 

And a few words about the latest design.

The Dindi Green editions is a new colour for our classic Painter’s Jacket and Atelier Trousers. As mentioned we felt like we needed some colour in the garment collection, and when our Indian friend told us about the natural dying processes they do in Karur, India, we were thrilled. Our green colour is specially made for us, and it’s extracted from only natural ingredients, using onion, tulasi and karisalaankanni herbs. There is something very magical, and at times frustrating, about dyeing with natural ingredients. The result is different every time and every piece of fabric is unique. 

The Dindi Green collection is already available online, but is officially launching at Kollekted by in Oslo this Thursday. It's an open event.