The Last A New Type of Imprint

A dive into the process behind A New Type of Imprints swan song—the ultimate conclusion after 4 years and 12 extensive issues on Nordic design and creative culture:

The Last A New Type of Imprint is nothing like the magazine you knew. Actually it’s probably nothing like any other magazines you know. And that’s fine, cause it’s created with the purpose to compete with your phone, rather than other indie mags.

Print is dying, but not all print. In other words: if it’s really really good, a printed product can still beat our tingling urge to grab the phone and start scrolling to read an article that’s actually up to date. Even up to the last minute.

After releasing twelve issues of this magazine, we all kinda grew tired of the slow living coffee table magazine-trend that’s been slowly dominating the magazine world with slow reads and slow lifestyles and slow printing techniques on heavy expensive paper. 

So we set out to create a final issue that would be as handy as a pocket book, as visually strong as the coffee table mags, and as interesting as the stuff going on on your phone at every second. And it had to be all about good design. After all, we are designers. In other words: The goal was nothing less than to create the ultimate print magazine, engaging for both the reader and the design lover. 

The process can be boiled down to something like this:

What do readers like: 

  • Good reads, obviously.
  • “It need to fit the inner pocket of my jacket.” (PK, Creative Director, 40something, love to read books and drink wine, typical our target group)
  • Good flow of information and instant engagement; what’s this article about, do I feel like reading it?

What do designers dig:

  • Functional and smart design
  • Hot visuals
  • Fun and fresh print techniques
  • Smart / good-looking book binding
  • Easy and inspiring reads about design and other cool stuff

It took us half a year to get there, but we are proud to finally present you the result: 

The Last A New Type of Imprint is a magazine with carefully curated articles on design and creative culture — good reads, all through. It’s small and handy, and fits right into the inner pocket of your vintage denim jacket. Furthermore, the first 100 pages is only reads, the last 100 all about visuals—and if you want, you can actually tare the magazine in two with the help of a perforated line in the middle of the back. This way you get two products: A pocket mag of good reads that you can bring along anywhere, and a printed gallery of the very best visuals and design the world. 

The layout, designed our talented colleagues at ANTIJana Papierniková and Endre Berentzen, is also based on the very same reasons: to be the ultimate printed product. The first part is designed for you to get the information you want the second you open the pages, and to give you a full on good reading experience. While the gallery part is all about vivid, colourful and inspiring visuals and design.

And what about the content, you may ask? 

Don’t worry, we got you. In fact, our proof reader said this: "The document is extremely well-written and consists of a variety of extremely interesting pieces, making for a compelling and engaging read regarding the fields of design, history, and contemporary art, amongst the many ideas explored through this issue.” 

In other words: If this magazine doesn’t make you wanna put your phone away for at least five minutes, we suggest you check yourself into digital rehab. 

Volume 13. will be in stores early October. It’s more limited than before, so if you want to make sure you get your hands on The Last A New Type of Imprint, you can pre-order it at this very moment. We’ll post some pictures of the mag as soon as it’s back from print. In the meantime, here's a gif: