Volume Nine

Volume Nine

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A New Type of Imprint Vol. 9 marks a paradigm shift as we are now expanding the coverage from showcasing Norwegian exclusively to welcoming all of our nordic neighbors, starting with Finland. 

The entire second chapter of the winter issue will be dedicated to Finnish creativity. From the methods of Avanto Architects, to the vivid illustrations of Antti Kalevi, to the photography of Osma Harvilahti, to Satu Maaranen’s bold fashion design, to renowned creative agency Kokoro & Moi, to so much more. The colourful and playful design and layout of the chapter was created by none other than Helsinki based Agency Leroy.

Vol. 9 is the first issue in our third collection and unveils the shift from uncoated to a glossy coat on cover. The print design is by Finnish fashion designer, Satu Maaranen.

Design has been a way for Finland to stand out from the very beginning. The international success that followed the old modern masters, iconic companies founded many years ago, has been shaping the culture and public awareness about design.

– Antti Hinkula | Kokoro & Moi

Number of pages: 160
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